Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some gorgeous cafes and eating places I've discovered in and around Cape Town

Jan 28, 2013

Cafe d'Arts

Tucked away behind a nondescript entrance in a leafy little avenue (Hanover Road) off the main road through Diep River, I was introduced to the exceedingly charming Cafe d'Arts by my coffee cohort, Helen, during a tiresome and relentless bout of mid-summer flu. It was intended to be a cheerful intervention, but what can be worse than snuffling into wads of damp tissue and having to refuse all the dairy loaded cream delectations on offer, for fear of encouraging more nasal glue?! Oh woe!

Anyway, we settled into the squishy sofa and ordered coffee - the usual cup o' chino for Helen and an Americano for me, and a couple of scones, which came warm from the oven, beautifully presented with butter and jam on the side. Unfortunately we were both a little disappointed in the coffee itself, which is supposed to be the main event. But what a lovely little place this is, with steps leading up to a loft area, and an outdoor wooden terrace, with mountain views. The main part of the cafe is a tumble of tempting goodies to buy and the service was impeccable, friendly and respectful.  Sadly I was not in the mood to pay it the attention it deserves as I was really full of the flu, but I intend to return in the near future, try some creamy goodies, and report back. Open 8 to 4.