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Feb 13, 2012

Imhoff Farm Stall, Kommetjie

Imhoff Farm is probably what we locals would call a tourist trap, and you are sure going to find some tourist prices at the farm stall! After a lazy meander along the spectacular route from Simonstown around Cape Point, through Scarborough to Kommetjie, a friend and I pulled in for tea and cake. Half a dozen camels lay snoozing on the lawns, with kids begging their parents for a ride. We popped into a couple of art and craft shops, a cheese shop and a CD store, and then into the farm stall itself.

There were some enticing goodies for sale in the shop, but we found the deli items extraordinarily expensive and I couldn't help wondering what was so special about their olives that a tiny portion should cost almost R30!  Same with the mushrooms. I fancied some wrapped in an omelette for my supper, but R27 for some fungus grown in organic compost put me off. We found a shady table under a tree outside and studied the menu. Same story with the prices - almost R30 for a slice of cake and the most expensive  Americano I've yet come across - R18! I settled for a filter. Next door was a quaint and very tempting little Hansel & Gretel chocolate shop, but the catchy sign actually deterred me from entering what looked like a den of temptation. A minute on my lips would be way longer on my hips...

As for the tea and cake, my lemon meringue was sinfully rich and delicious, and apparently the carrot cake equally good. The coffee was just ok but I hadn't expected more. A pleasant enough coffee break in farmlike surroundings but nothing that special.

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