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Dec 19, 2011

The Gardener's Cottage, Newlands

What a wonderful alfresco dining experience this was. I'd never been to Gardener's, in the leafy suburb of Newlands, and had lunch with two dear friends on a steamy Sunday a week before Christmas.
We were shown to a table on flagstones under a magnificent old Camphor tree, with the sound of cicada's proof that Cape Town had decided at last that it was summer, after a period of very frustrating erratic weather which would not let us pack away our jerseys!  We were there for lunch, and coffee, for me, was unfortunately out, as I was fending off a lurking tummy bug. I had a delicious baked potato with spinach, feta and grilled veg, very yum, and the others had quiche and a chicken mayo sandwich. Presentation and flavour of all the dishes was great, the prices were par for the course, and the service friendly. 
After lunch we meandered through the garden nursery, a little green marvel with enthusiastically abundant blooms bursting out all over, crying take me, take me! If only I had a garden big enough, the car would have been overloaded.
We also browsed through the adjacent design and craft centre and were impressed, yet again, by the creative genius that runs rampant in this city. It was a just a pity that I didn't get a chance to try the cappuccino. I'll go back some day and also indulge in a slice of the decadent lemon meringue pie I had spotted in the restaurant display counter.

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