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Dec 15, 2011

The Meeting Place, Simonstown

It's really a challenge to get to a cup of coffee in this venue!  As you enter the Meeting Place you are ambushed by a cornucopia of wondrous goodies which tug at your covet-button and purse strings. Oh, i wanted so much! Tables groan under a display of decor delights of all stripes and a veritable florist shop of artifical flowers that look more like the real thing than the real thing. Then the tables themselves are for sale, as are the chairs and cabinets and side tables and lamps. Sigh. It was hard to resist.
Being December, the place was also a-tinkle with festive goodies, and i fell hook, line and sinker for a particularly zany reindeer with twiggy ears, wearing a knitted aran jumper and socks. To die for, but considering i'm a bit of a gypsy, totally impractical and unpackable.

Eventually i dragged myself away from temptation and settled into the cosy corner of a long flowery sofa that hugs one wall in the restaurant section. Mellow latin music in the background, newspaper and glossy magazines to hand, i perused the small menu offering sandwiches, wraps and cakes, and ordered an Americano, which was just perfect. Jars and crisp cellophane packets of delectable delights, from brownies, shortbread, fudge and the like, to preserves, line the shelves around the service area, and it's dificult to leave without some small indulgence.
The Meeting Place is a pretty place, a feast for the eyes, an "artist's date" for creatives, a soul food spot. And i haven't even mentioned that you can also go upstairs and find another squishy sofa, or sit out on the verandah and gaze over the harbour at the mountains across the bay. Many gorgeous excuses for a coffee break and well worth a cruise along the coast to Simonstown.

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