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Aug 20, 2012

Cafe Roux, Noordhoek Farm Village

Attended a 60th birthday brunch celebration here on a chilly winter morning. All bundled up, what was I thinking, as I had to peel off layers in the stuffy over-heated room. Cafe Roux caters for families, with a designated play-room for the little ones, and just our luck our long table had to be situated right next to this area, didn't it! As one or two of us were feeling wan and nursing fragile heads for various reasons, the decibel level of screeching was a challenge, to say the least, but we soldiered bravely on, fortifying ourselves with extreme doses of caffeine.

I was pleasantly surprised by the food, having heard rumours of stingy portions. My French Toast was simply delicious - 3 slices of French bread, each topped with a perfectly grilled slice of banana and drizzled with tangy berry coulis. I ordered a portion of crispy bacon to complement it and was more than satisfied with my filling meal. No complaints about my multiple cups of Americano coffee, accompanied by a decent sized jug of foamy milk.  Friends around me were tucking into full English breakfasts and omelettes and I was amazed that they could clean their plates. The omelettes in particular looked very abundant, their bellies puffed up with more than enough mushroom and bacon filling - the omelettes, not my friends! 
It would be pleasant to sit at one of the outdoor tables under the trees on a warm sunny day and enjoy the rural farm village atmosphere.  Just remember that it can be quite rowdy at the weekend, so possibly not your ideal romantic venue. Cafe Roux specialises in breakfasts and lunches, with occasional live music entertainment. Check the website for more details

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