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Apr 17, 2012

TriBeCa - Kalk Bay and Tokai

I've been a fan of Tribeca coffee for quite a while, often picking up a cup-to-go from the Kalk Bay cafe, always hot and strong, just as I like it. Lately it hasn't been much fun in KBay due to the ongoing roadworks and mammoth earthmovers churning up the road just outside. It makes gentle communion with a cup of coffee well nigh impossible, and anyway I've never been into venues where conversation becomes strident to compete with churning espresso machines and clattering crockery (why DO they have to crash cups onto saucers and cutlery into drawers anyway?). I'm quite allergic to places where voices bounce against high celings and there's a general atmosphere of clamour, and the clang of metal chairs on tiled floors. Not that i'm picking on Tribeca, it's just a personal irritation and at the KBay outlet seems magnified by the roadworks. I'll go back when things are back to normal in the village!

When I received an invite to meet a friend at the new Tokai outlet I was keen to revisit. I'd been there once before and shared a wonderful sandwich overloaded with filling and way too much for just one person, plus an Americano, always reliable. Situated off a parking lot in a small centre, it's not the most leafy setting setting, but convenient for a quick catch up. We had picked one of those heat wave days we've been experiencing late this summer, and it was way too hot for an Americano, so I ordered an iced coffee. Oh me oh my, what a surprise! So used to generally getting a sweet coffee milkshake masquerading as iced coffee, I was offered a choice : either chilled coffee with an icecream topping, or coffee poured over chipped ice. I chose the latter and was delighted to find it even came unsweetened (I don't do sugar) and just the perfect icy treat for a sweltering day. This plus the attention to service by the waitron, and food presentation, definitely scored a 5 spoon reward.

By the way if you're wondering about the name TriBeCa - it comes from an area in Manhattan .. the Triangle Below Canal street!

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